On Friday October 28th we reopened the car wash after an extensive renovation.  Thank you for your patience over the last 46 days while we upgraded and improved our facility.  


When you’re here for the first time you will notice a few changes, some affecting your unlimited accounts.


First off, we are making some changes to our menu;


The Silver Wash for $11, no changes.

The Diamond Wash for $14 will now cost $15.

The Platinum Wash for $18 will be eliminated altogether.  

The Ultimate Wash for $22 will now cost only $20.

And our new wash package, The Ultimate Plus will cost $24 and will include 2 new products, Ceramic Sealant and Vision Clear Rain Repellent.  


So how does this affect your monthly plan?


The only increase in cost for all unlimited plans is that we are no longer including CT state sales tax in the price.  So moving forward....


The Silver Unlimited will now cost $24.95 plus tax.  

The Diamond Unlimited will be $32.95 plus tax.  

Anyone who is a member of the now defunct Platinum Unlimited plan for $39.95 will be automatically upgraded to the Ultimate Unlimited at no extra charge, except of course for the addition of sales tax.

Ultimate Unlimited members paying $49.95 / month will automatically be upgraded to the new Ultimate Plus package, getting the Ceramic and Vision Clear, for only $44.95 plus tax. Yes you will be paying less but getting more!


See our new menu here.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or talk to any of us at the wash. 

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